Standing up for big brother

Monica Turner is Michael Steele's sister.

She is starring in Steele's latest political ad, combating the ad by Ben Cardin, his opponent for the U.S. Senate seat in Maryland, featuring Michael J. Fox.

In Cardin's ad, Fox urges Marylanders to vote against Steele because he is against stem cell research, research that could help find a cure for the Parkinson's disease Fox currently suffers with. Turner responds that Steele is for stem cell research and he must care about sick people because she has Multiple Scherosis.

First of all, it appears Steele is for stem cell research that would not destroy human embryos, but it against research that would cause the destruction of them. I don't agree with that stance, but I put that in the 'reasonable people can disagree' category.


How can anyone take anything she says seriously with that lapse of judgement on her docket?

Speaking of Iron Mike, he 'endorsed' Steele, his former brother-in-law for the Senate seat, even though
  • He isn't a Maryland resident
  • He can't vote, due to that pesky rape conviction thing
  • The sister of the man he is endorsing cleaned his clock in divorce proceedings

While I don't think Tyson is working on his Mensa application in his spare time, I think he is smarter than people believe and has a keen sense of self awareness. The endorsement is payback for the divorce in general and Steele's alleged involvement in the negotiations in particular.

Then again, Steele may just be a fan of felons in the boxing world. He also has the endorsement of Don King.

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