Roger Clemens doesn't want to talk about the past

So Pedro is basically done. Between rotator cuff surgery mileage on his arm and the fact other parts of his body are failing like the warranty just expired, the days of Pedro as the bulletproof ace are over.

But that is not important to me right now. The most important baseball story to me is that Roger Clemens name has been mentioned in an affidavit as using performance enhancing drugs.

If you gave me a choice between a New York Mets World Series win and the Clements drug rumors to be true, the Mets wouldn’t get out of the NLDS. I want this to be true so much, I may go to church and pray for it.

I want to find out Rog was on the gas back in the mid 90s, when he went from a sub .500 pitcher with the Red Sox (10-13; 3.64 era) to a Cy Young award winner in Toronto the next year (21-7; 2.05 era). By the way, he was in is mid 30s then.

I want to buy a Roger-centric Game Of Shadows like book, giving the time frame and his drug of choice. I want to put money in the pocket of the writer that puts it all together.

I want the mainstream sports media to take Roger’s (most likely shriveled) testicles out of their respective mouths and hound Clemens like they hound Barry Bonds.

I want people to see all the crazy shit he has done (brushback pitches at his wife, tossing various baseball equipment at various Mike Piazza body parts) as a side effect of the drug he was taking.

I want a blowhard congressman to interrupt his pornographic IM chat with a teenager to say Roger Clemens is a bad role model for kids.

I just want what Roger deserves.

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