Kitchen remodel 6/27

We are in the homestretch.

The new railing is in.

Ironically, we don't drink much wine.

All that is left to do is paint the walls and other cosmetic changes (adding a dimmer for the center recessed lighting fixture, adding the moulding to the walls and base cabinets, etc.) , but the kitchen works. We have power to the microwave and electric cooktop.


Kitchen remodel 6/15

The room looks like a kitchen

We have a sink but no faucet. The plumber comes Friday to hook up the water. I never thought I'd be so excited about washing dishes ever.

We don't drink much wine, but we have a wine rack.

The pantry doors will be stained the color of the cabinets at some point.


Kitchen remodel 6/6

Somehow, I haven't killed anyone at Home Depot or the contractor yet. I won't know what to do with a kitchen when it is finally competed.

Please ignore the paper on the window. The glare from it doesn't allow for a clear picture.

Allegedly, the people measuring for the countertops show up Thursday.