Landscaping contiues 9/21

The latest pictures of my front yard.

Notice the huge root up against the house. It will have to be pulled out with a rope and a car.

The shrubs on the left have already been pulled from the yard. The county wouldn't take the bin full of roots last week, so I will have to illegally dump them in the wooded area across the street recycle them to the wooded area nearby.

A picture of the yellowjacket hive in my yard. Spraying got most of them; I'll give it another dose tonight as I've seen some straglers around.

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Dane said...

You've made some good progress. The hive would be a little daunting for me; you're a brave man to head out and just start spraying. And I don't envy you the root-pulling. I hope that turns out to only be an extremely minor pain in the ass.