Blackpot's Music Review

I've been gone for a while, I know. Preparing to move into a new house will suck all your time and energy.

Da Goodness

Hate It Or Love It/The Game feat. 50 Cent – Somehow, they made a song that is uplifting and gangsta and pop at the same time. Game and 50 had a falling out, forcing Aftermath to recycle the beat for MVP/The Game & Mary J. Blige. Still hot, though.

We Belong Together/Mariah Carey – EXACTLY the type of song Mariah should be singing 26 hours a day. America has spoken Mariah; they don’t think you and hip-hop are a good look together.

Wait (rmx)/Ying Yang Twins frat. Free, Busta Rhymes, Jackie O – This is hard for me, because I HATE Ying Yang and all that they stand for. Plus, when Wait first came out, I thought theysaw Chris Rock’s latest comedy special, heard the joke about women dancing to songs with misogynistic lyrics (‘slap her with a dick; slap her with a dick’), and figured they could do better. But damn if the song isn’t catchy, and the remix may be the best raunchy song since Dreams by Lil’ Kim. Get the version with Jackie O, she has rhymes on it that are enough to peel paint off the walls.

Gillahouse/Redman – Almost anything Red does musically is fine with me (don’t ask me about his ‘acting’ career), and it has been too long between projects.

Straight Garbage
Baby Mama/Fantasia – A good idea from a marketing standpoint. Fantasia is a kuntry as pigs feet on sale and someone has to sing for the ghetto girl who thinks Mary J. Blige got too bourgeois. Monica can’t do it all. Too bad the actual song is ass.

So Icy/Guccy Mane – I fully admit my East Coast hip-hop bias. It took me a while to warm up to any Dirty South music. This isn’t getting it. Lame topic, lame rhyming skills. Actually, I don’t really know the lyrics because I always turn the station the minute I hear it.

Gimme That/Webbie Featuring Bun B – The other song on my ‘gets immediately turned away from’ list.

Destiny Fulfilled album/Destiny’s Child – From the jump, it sounded like a contractually obligated album, hurriedly written and recorded between (bad) acting roles for Beyonce, trips to the bridal salon for Kelly, and whatever the hell Michelle does while she waits for the next tour. They have announced this is the last album, and I could not be happier.

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