As always, BET will find a way to f*&k it up

Good enough for the President, but not for BET

Warning; this post contains multiple profanities. 

As always, BET will find a way to fuck it up.

Here is the list of artists whom have or will receive the BET Lifetime Achievement Award:

  • 2001: Whitney Houston
  • 2002: Earth Wind & Fire
  • 2003: James Brown
  • 2004: The Isley Brothers
  • 2005: Gladys Knight
  • 2006: Chaka Khan
  • 2007: Diana Ross
  • 2008: Al Green
  • 2009: The O'Jays
  • 2010: Prince
  • 2011: Patti Labelle
  • 2012: Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly
  • 2013: Charlie Wilson
Notice the lack of the gentleman in the picture above.  No, the one with the sunglasses. 

Now, as you would guess, I'm slightly biased about this.  I believe Stevie should be taught in the schools (6th period, between science and PE).  Even with my bias, WHAT THE FUCK IS BET DOING?

BET was doing a decent job choosing recipients through 2009.  I understand why Prince got it in 201o; BET has missed the opportunity to give Michael Jackson(1) the award while he was still alive and didn't want to make the same mistake with Prince(2). But since 2011, the recipients (while talented in their own right) don't stack up to what Stevie has done.  I mean, I like Before I Let Go as much as any other black person, but (to pharaphrase a Chris Rock joke) if Stevie Wonder woke up and had Frankie Beverly's career, he'd kill himself.

(1) Speaking of Michael Jackson and the BET Awards, the most heinous thing I've seen at an award show was BET letting Chris Brown, fresh off banging Rihanna's head off a car window, do his dance/crying jag/career recovery performance in 2010.  The worst thing about it (and I knew it would when I watched it live and saw a female audience member cheer during the 'tears') is it worked.  And, in what appears to be a receipt for the effort, Breezy [barf] has performed in every award show since.  And is coming back this year.  There may be no God.

(2) If you are a fan of Aretha Franklin, you should be as pissed as I am.  She can't have too much time left.

Just for fun, here is an incomplete list of institutions that thought Stevie Wonder would positively contribute to their event in the last 12 months:

Yeah, BET.  Why would you want to be affiliated with that?(3)

(3) Yes, I know he has honored at BET Honors '12.  How about letting him sit at the adults table?  Or would that cut into this years Chris Brown performance?  Or the premiere of Young Jeezy's new banger 'Stick It In Her Ass Without Warning (feat. Plies)'?

I really don't understand.  It isn't that BET is only honoring artists from who were relevant during the tenure of BET; they gave it to James Brown and Gladys Knight.  The only acceptable answer would be if BET keeps offering the award to Stevie and Stevie keeps turning it down.  If this is the case, whoever is running BET (from the basement of Viacom, I'm sure) should make that clear in a tearful (go as Chris Brown, he knows how to turn of the waterworks to save his ass) YouTube video, begging Stevie to take the award. 

I guess they are waiting for Stevie to die.  It will be easier to have Chris Brown sing "Overjoyed' then.

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